Pete Bebber is a Top Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP 74-678) who has been working with companies on their IT needs since 2007.

In 2009, recognizing the complexity of Microsoft licensing, and the need for clear and accurate information, he shifted his focus specifically to Microsoft.

Since then Pete has reviewed more than 2,200 Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreements and helped hundreds of businesses understand and properly license their environments.

Pete introduced Volume Licensing Course in 2015 to have a greater impact on more businesses and IT professionals like yourself, at a cost drastically lower than his 1 on 1 consulting rate.


If it’s on the internet, it must be true, right?

Of course not!

Misinformation about Microsoft licensing is all over the internet.

That’s why you shouldn’t just trust anything you see on the the web and is why we include documentation directly from Microsoft to go along with our Analyses, Deep Dives, Videos, Articles, and Guides so you know we’re not just making this stuff up.

It’s important to have this documentation so you’re confident when working with your team, your reseller, and/or your Microsoft rep.

Having up to date documentation is key to avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring you make the right Microsoft licensing decisions for your company or customer.


In 2016 we launched the VLC Group.

If you want to avoid making costly Microsoft licensing mistakes then Membership may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Membership in the VLC Group provides, even more, benefits to you as an IT Professional or as a Microsoft Consultant or Advisor. Here is just some of what’s included as part of your Membership:

  • Microsoft Product Specific Deep Dives – Videos, Documentation, and Advice At A Product Level & On-Demand
  • Windows Server Licensing Calculator – Takes Less Than A Minute To Get Your Licensing Options (more calculators on our roadmap too)
  • Private Facebook Group – Network With Your Peers From Around The Globe
  • Get Your Microsoft Licensing Questions Answered Directly By A Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Keep Your Reseller & Microsoft Rep In Check – We Don’t Sell Licenses So We’re An Unbiased 3rd Party
  • Learn What The Pro’s Know and Use – It’s Like Having The Other Teams Playbook

Now, the real goal is to help you save money while maintaining Microsoft compliance.

So, how will you really benefit from Membership?

If you eliminate just 1 Project Pro license from what you learn in the Microsoft Project Deep Dive, that will pay for nearly a year of Membership alone!

If you eliminate just 1 Windows Server Standard license from what you learn in the Windows Server 2016 Deep Dive, that would pay for nearly 9 months of Membership while eliminating 1 Datacenter license would pay for 5 years of Membership!

And that’s just two of the many, and growing number, of Microsoft Product Licensing Deep Dives you’ll find in the VLC Group.

What you learn and apply from Your VLC Group Membership can have a real, monetary impact on your business.

For more information on Membership, and to sign up, just click this link: VLC Group

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